Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday...

today i had a party for my 12th birthday party that i missed last month.  it started yesterday after school and ended today at noon.  Darby was the first one to show up and we wondered around the house wondering where the other guests were.  finally Merisol showed up and we played a game.  a couple minutes later Olivia showed up and she joined our game.  Kelsey showed up no less than a minute later and she joined our game too.  then the game got boring so we went outside, hid in a shed, and told funny stories which led to Confess.  we played that in the shed for a while but then we went into my bedroom and continued the game.  when we didn't want to do that anymore, we played tag, hide and seek, hide and seek tag, and toilet tag.  then when 5:30 rolled along we roasted hot dogs,star bursts, and had s'mores.  after our food settled we danced to songs on Pandora.  then we went to the park and messed around.  we had 17 people with us and had to take all 17 home.  another friend brought her siblings and that brought us up to 17.  so originally we had 11 not counting the friend's siblings.  so when it got dark at about 9, we played night games.  but we had to stop and hang out by the campfire.  when it was time to go to our tents, no one could go to sleep so we roughhoused and finally we settled down and s l o w l y fell asleep.  when we woke up the tent flap was left open and it was sooo cold.  as soon as we all were awake we had doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.  then we played tag and Olly Olly Oxen Free.  but soon it was time to take them home and so we put their stuff in the car and took them home.  i had such a fun party!

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