Sunday, June 1, 2014

summer vacation(2013)

we went to go see our cousins that live in Texas and we had so much fun.  it was also super hot and humid in most of the states.  and guess what?  We drove all the way to Texas and saw 12 states in 10 days.  in Kansas it hailed so hard that there were a couple cars pulled over underneath a bridge to hide from the hail storm.   we enjoyed the trip and someday hope to travel all the way to Maine!
pretty red rocks

hoover dam


we went to a park to have some fun and we saw a whole bunch of rabbits.

slide anyone?

ice caves in NM
a tornado had recently struck Oklahoma and it looked terible


as i said before i am really behind.  we had sooo much fun and ate lots of yummy food.   we played games and got to see our cousins.  our newest cousin at the time was Nelson.  he is so darn cute!  when ever he falls down he gets frustrated and throws a fit. 
there he is the sweet little guy!

i am finally taller than Grammy.

family photo at grandma's

ward dinner at the park

at this dinner we had to wear football team shirts.  my dad wore a BYU cougars shirt and the rest of us wore Utah Utes shirts.   the food there was sooo good.  after wards we played and messed around.
funny dad, funny.
 after the park we went to the fire station for another dinner.
riding the fire trucks.


Kristen Nelson makes super cute clothes that i model for a website.   she has made me lots of super duper cute skirts, dresses, cloaks, etc.  
sitting on the bank of the canal

strike a pose!

don't you love the zig-zag?

as you know...

i haven't blogged for a while so i need to get caught up on things.  so i am going to start with Easter.  we woke up that morning and got ready for church in our new clothes.  after church we looked for eggs and enjoyed the candy.  we had such a good dinner too and enjoyed that also.  after diner we got the dishes done and dinner cleaned up then we read scriptures.  i had so fun that day.  here are some pictures:
my new maxi skirt

the group

Happy Birthday...

today i had a party for my 12th birthday party that i missed last month.  it started yesterday after school and ended today at noon.  Darby was the first one to show up and we wondered around the house wondering where the other guests were.  finally Merisol showed up and we played a game.  a couple minutes later Olivia showed up and she joined our game.  Kelsey showed up no less than a minute later and she joined our game too.  then the game got boring so we went outside, hid in a shed, and told funny stories which led to Confess.  we played that in the shed for a while but then we went into my bedroom and continued the game.  when we didn't want to do that anymore, we played tag, hide and seek, hide and seek tag, and toilet tag.  then when 5:30 rolled along we roasted hot dogs,star bursts, and had s'mores.  after our food settled we danced to songs on Pandora.  then we went to the park and messed around.  we had 17 people with us and had to take all 17 home.  another friend brought her siblings and that brought us up to 17.  so originally we had 11 not counting the friend's siblings.  so when it got dark at about 9, we played night games.  but we had to stop and hang out by the campfire.  when it was time to go to our tents, no one could go to sleep so we roughhoused and finally we settled down and s l o w l y fell asleep.  when we woke up the tent flap was left open and it was sooo cold.  as soon as we all were awake we had doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.  then we played tag and Olly Olly Oxen Free.  but soon it was time to take them home and so we put their stuff in the car and took them home.  i had such a fun party!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

2nd to last day of school...

it was today.  i had so much fun and we had a dance.  i danced with every boy in the grade except for 1!  we also watched National Treasure #1.  we had cookies and a science experiment for a drink.  since Mrs Babbit is a science teacher she made a safe lemonade science experiment for the drink.  it was sooo good.  so back to the dance.  we danced to many songs and we did slow songs and hip-hop dances.  we had 2 this year but the first one was on valentines day and i was at a Queen of Hearts competition so this one was my first one and my only one:(  but in junior high and high school we will have more dances and also at church dances. so I'm not all the way done yet.

It is almost time...

to go home for summer vacation!  we are planning to do many things this summer like going to Bear Lake, swimming, chilling and all sorts of other fun things.  the homework for 6th grade was way harder than i thought. the wonderful teachers Mrs. Babbit and Miss Barnes, teach very well and have great i deas for having fun while learning at the same time.  we have been prepared for algebra and all that. 5 of my teachers have left and 2 are still here and are planning to stay a while longer.  but Miss Barnes is leaving!:(  i will miss her and i hope i will enjoy 7th grade.