Monday, December 16, 2013

My First Competition...

It was so cool!  the night before I went to bed at 7:00pm and had to wake up at 3:45 the next morning( trust me that is NOT fun).  first I had to wake up at 3:45am but... I didn't hear my alarm so I slept until 4:00am.  its not that bad, it could have been worse.  next I had to get ready and go get in the car to go to burley.  I guess I was so tired that I forgot to grab something to do on the way.  so I was just sleeping, singing, laughing, and talking with the girls.  after we got there, we got ready to split up into groups to see who was going with who.  I went with Stacy so my mom went alone.  we listened to LOADS of music on the way.  then we all fell asleep............................2.5 hours later.
Kayzia: Are we there yet?
Stacy: almost.
Kayzia: ok.
after that, about 30 seconds later, she was out.  we were all up when we got there so nobody had to be woken up.  we walked out of the car and gazed in awe at how large the gymnasium was compared to our gym.  we warmed up, started basics, and then our coach said to go line up at vault.  my heart was pounding VERY hard now.  "I had been so excited to go yesterday so why am I so nervous now?"  .......................finally it was my turn.  it seemed like an eternity for the judges to salute to me.  air brushed my face as I ran to the vaulting mat.  WHAM! I hit the spring board as hard as I could, but it was more of a forward roll than a handstand-flat back.  so I tried it again...and I did the same as I did as the first time except I ran harder, popped bigger, and did it!  I was proud of my score: 8.25 it was pretty good for my first meet.  after everyone was done we moved on to bars.  I had to scratch that event because I didn't have my back hip circle.  so I watched everyone else and moved on to beam:7.9 not as much as I wanted to get, but at least I got a score.  the next event was floor: the event I was the most scared of messing up on.  everything went as planned and I got a 7.3.  then we watched the rest of the team girls and I ate my lunch within at least 10-15 minutes.
Me: can we go get some lunch?
Mom: you just ate lunch.
Me: so, I'm hungry ok.
Mom: okay, I guess so.
so we packed up and drove around to find a Dairy Queen( my choice) to eat.  after lunch we went Christmas shopping, but we couldn't find anything.  so we went to Payless shoe source to get me some church shoes.  I did NOT want to go home yet so I kept stalling to keep us from going home.  finally mom said lets go home, so I whined and complained and finally choked up, "but I want to watch Allie." but the roads would be too slick to stay and drive home on.  so mom said:
"do you want to go to the sport store or go get our nails done?" I said: "nails." then mom asked, "get nails done or hair?" me;"ummm' mom: let's get our nails done, Jamie would be sad.  so we got our nails done and then stopped for gas and snacks.  on the way home, grandma and I had a long conversation of texting.  finally we got home to the warm house.  I have got to say, it is good to be home.   here are some pictures:
not the best picture but as you can see the roads were nasty!